Wednesday, 27 July 2011

All clear from the Vets!

Hi Everyone,
Sorry I havent been in touch for a little while.  I have been visiting the vets every couple of weeks whilst my ex-lump has been checked up on. All is well and my fur is growing back well - a bit itchy mind!
The removed lump was just a fatty thing, so no worries there either.
Today I am enjoying sitting out a pleasantly warm afternoon.....

..... I was also enjoying a sneaky snooze - until mum pointed the camera up my nose anyway!

Enjoy your summer holidays all. xx


W.C.Camp said...

Wow your dog is quite literate! I bet my wife wishes she had a smart companion like that too. W.C.C.

sandrajs1974 said...

Great news about the lumps, you Labbies are prone to that sort of thing! Much easier to relax on the lawn without the bumps getting in the way though.
Hope you and your people enjoy the summer holidays.
Love and hugs

Cro Magnon said...
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