Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Symonds Yat and my first ferry crossing!

So, as I was saying in my blog on Lybster.... I've been a travelling dog this month.  On 21st - 23rd of October 12 friends and me went across to Symonds Yat and stayed in a very friendly inn called Ye Old Ferrie Inn.  Dogs are allowed in the bar during meals and can snooze away under the table or by the open fire - lovely.
We went on two lovely walks where everyone marvelled at the views.
 Even I stood and appreciated the view! Here I am standing over the Seven Sisters.
I also got to ride in a ferry where the man pulls you across with a rope that hangs from each side of the river.  The first time I was very nervous, but after that - no problems.
I also enjoyed sitting in the sunshine outside the pub while everyone was eating lunch - just waiting for the tidbits to fall.
It's been a busy month, but I have enjoyed myself.  Hope yours has been good too.
Now we must look forward to Christmas and all those goodies!

Bonny Scotland in October

Hello everyone.  I have been on my travels again, as this blog and the next one will show you. The first week in October was spent in Lybster, north/east Scotland.  I did lots of walking, visited the seaside and popped very regularly into a fantastic pub in Lybster called the Commercial (very, very nice to dogs in there).

 I found a tennis ball on the beach too!  Can you imagine how thrilled I was?

My other favorite pastime of the holiday week was to lie in the middle of the lovely large kitchen floor and watch my owners and their friends preparing meals.  I kept a keen eye open for anything that might fall and need clearing up.  Very helpful of me I think!
I do like holidays!