Thursday, 31 July 2008

What a scorcher!

We have just come back from a lovely weekend down in Dorset with our friends. It was a bit too hot really for black dogs like me, but a lovely change from rain!! As long as I could dunk myself in the sea every few minutes I could happily keep my cool. Unfortunately I wasn't allowed to do the same in the fish pond - and it looked so inviting too!!

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

My mate Zak

My best friend Zak is coming to stay next month and I am really looking forward to seeing the old fellow. He is getting on a bit these days. He won't tell me how old he is, but I reckon at least 15 human years - which in the dog world is over a 100!
Don't feel too sorry for him - old as he is, he can still chase me round the garden and nick the best spot to sunbathe in. He even tries to eat his dinner fast enough to step over and finish mine too!
I hope I can do as well at his age!

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Seaside Profile

Just so you are not too jealous of my trip to the coast I'll let you into a little wasn't just running in the sea that made my coat wet. It hardly ever stopped raining the whole time we were there! It's a good job I am waterproof!!

Oh the sea air is good!

Hi readers. I'm just back from a weekend by the sea. I do enjoy feeling the sand between my toes and smelling the salty seaweed as I gaze out over the horizon. (I'm quite a handsome chap don't you think?).