Sunday, 29 April 2012

Sporty me!

During Easter we were quite busy really.  On the Saturday we played crazy golf in Cannon Hill Park. I was on the lead to prevent me widdling on the artificial green! It was fun watching the children though.

 Then on Easter Sunday, as is traditional in our road, we had egg and spoon races with our neighbours.  This involves real Cadbury creme eggs, so I remain on the lead - sadly.
However, I am a bit of a celebrity on my road and get lots of fuss and attention - sometimes enough to distract people from how close I am to their chocolate.  Notice here I am watching closely for any eggs that drop!

Easter Time

As I am playing catch-up with m activities during April, I must remember to tell you how nice it was to have my friends Katie and Sam to stay over Easter.  They are smashing fun and always have time for a friendly stroke and cuddle when an old dog needs one!

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Highlight of the Peaks!

Oooh, I must say that one of the special treats I particularly like to recall from my holiday this year is the lovely icecream called Hope Valley.  We had been walking on the Tissington Trail and I was a bit tired out. The icecream perked me up!

Holiday in the Peaks

Hi everyone. Sorry I have not been blogging lately. I have been a little bit under the weather.  I have just been looking through my holiday snaps from March and remembering what a nice time we had at Derwent Dam, where there was a lovely memorial to Tip, the sheepdog who stayed with her master for 15 weeks after he had died.  Us dogs are very loyal, but crumbs... she must have been hungry!!!