Sunday, 28 February 2010

Tennis ball tidy-up

Hi Readers, here I am relaxing back in the house with Yellow Spiky ball, after a rather busy hour in the garden with 55 other balls!

As you can see - lots and lots of balls! Mum decided to have a clear out in the side entry and hoover up all the winter spider-webs. This meant taking all my balls off the shelves to clean behind them! And the acid test of a good ball?... does it bounce down the garden!

What fun! I had the garden full of nearly every type of ball you can think of: 39 tennis balls (5 of which were thrown away, as too badly chewed and did not bounce anymore - sigh!), 1 mini football, 1 Santa ball, 1 spiky ball, 1 'holey-moley' ball, 2 cricket balls, 1 baseball, 2 funny shaped balls with ropes on, 1 glow in the dark ball and 7 other rubber balls. Brilliant!!

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Meet my new friend Amber.

Hi Everyone, when mum and dad invited their friends round to our house for dinner, they brought their new dog Amber with them. She came from a dog's home just like me and she really appreciates her new home and family just like I do. She also likes tennis balls, running, chasing sticks and balls and popping and chewing footballs - we have so much in common!

Once we had run around together in the fields and woods and I had stopped grumping at her for trying to steal my sticks, I really started to notice what a nice dog Amber is. I hope we can be friends for many years to come.
I will never forget Zakky-Boy, but it is nice to have a new friend to share sniffs and run round with. And in the evening, when the family are all sat around the table eating and chatting and no snacks are coming our way, at least we wont get bored playing together.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Sunshine and a stinky ball.... perfect!

Hi everyone, I hope you had the chance to enjoy a little bit of sunshine on Tuesday afternoon like me.
After walking in the woods, I brought back a fabulously slimy and stinky tennis ball and lay out in the garden for a chew.
It was jolly cold really, but I managed a good 20 minutes before coming in for a warm by the kitchen radiator.
Is spring around the corner? Let's hope so.

Why are we (well, me) waiting!

Hello, hello! This was me on Sunday being a little bit impatient. If you look closely you can almost see me drumming my toes with slight irritation.
Why does it seem to take so long some days to pack up the computer and head out for a walk!!!