Sunday, 28 February 2010

Tennis ball tidy-up

Hi Readers, here I am relaxing back in the house with Yellow Spiky ball, after a rather busy hour in the garden with 55 other balls!

As you can see - lots and lots of balls! Mum decided to have a clear out in the side entry and hoover up all the winter spider-webs. This meant taking all my balls off the shelves to clean behind them! And the acid test of a good ball?... does it bounce down the garden!

What fun! I had the garden full of nearly every type of ball you can think of: 39 tennis balls (5 of which were thrown away, as too badly chewed and did not bounce anymore - sigh!), 1 mini football, 1 Santa ball, 1 spiky ball, 1 'holey-moley' ball, 2 cricket balls, 1 baseball, 2 funny shaped balls with ropes on, 1 glow in the dark ball and 7 other rubber balls. Brilliant!!

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