Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Thanks for my pressies!

Hi everyone, hope you've had a smashing time Christmas week. I have done really well for presents: 4 packs of treats, 3 rubber balls, 2 raggy ropes and a folding travel water bowl (I hope you were singing along there!).

I wish you all good fun on New Year's Eve and to remember that us doggies need a quiet a spot to escape from you all when you get so lively. I have a lovely corner in the dining room, next to the radiator which is away from everyone - but close enough to keep my eye on the food, just in case!


Sunday, 14 December 2008

Crumbs... it's Christmas!

Hello there!
Sorry I haven't been updating my blog lately, time seems to fly by and I am such a busy dog these days. I have had lots of visitors to stay and people to play with. This weekend my best human pal Callum came to stay and we had lots of fun. Oh, and it appears Christmas is here again.... that funny flashing tree thing has arrived rearranging the furniture and my bed to fit it in!! Still, Christmas usually means lots of goodies so I won't complain!!
Hope you all have a very Happy Christmas. xx