Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Footy at the seaside!

Oh what joy to find a discarded football at the seaside! I carried it for a while, sat and chewed it, then I popped it!! Great fun!

Monday, 29 September 2008

Sticks in the sea!

Some of the best walks on this holiday have been by the sea. I love running and jumping into the water; splashing, swimming and fetching whatever you throw in for me. What I cannot get used to is the salty taste. I always run to the sea shore to get a drink and it always surprises me. Ugh!


Just a few days before we went on holiday I cut one of my toe pads on my back right foot and it took a while to heal up. On the first couple of days away I had to wear a freezer bag and micropore tape to keep my foot clean and dry. Did I let it bother me? Was I embarrassed? Of course not!!


Hi readers! Sorry I haven't blogged for a little while, I have been on my jolly holidays in Scotland. Lots to tell you about bags, balls, sticks, seaside rambles and TICKS!

Being around these big cow creatures apparently is how I may have attracted the bloodsucking insects. Even though I was put on the lead whenever we were anywhere near a faint mooing sound! As you can see I am a little disappointed not to be able to run closer and investigate!