Monday, 23 August 2010

Sheffield in the sunshine and flowers

Hi all - told you I've been busy!  This weekend just gone we have been up to Sheffield to visit 'gran' who was having an important birthday, (can't say the number as it's not polite!).
The weather was much nicer here than back in the Midlands and we made the most of it by having lunch outside on Sunday.
They were all eating and I was sun bathing - and hoping for a few tit bits of course!

Tea and cake down in Poole

Hi everyone, hope all is well? I have just had a very busy couple of weeks.
Here I am down in Poole with mum and dad and their friends.
It was a showery afternoon but warm and a decision was made to have tea and yummy cake (it smelled yummy anyway), under the big umbrella in the garden.
I got SOOOOO close to that cake I could almost taste it.  Sadly, that is as close as I got!

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Meet my best friends from up north.

Hi Everyone,
Meet my friends Katie and Sam who have just come back from holiday overseas.  They stayed with us on the way out and on the way back too.
They even trusted me to look after Teddy and Iggle-Piggle, which I managed admirably (with a little help from a high shelf).
I have very much enjoyed their company; especially the cuddles and chats with Katie and playing football and running around with Sam.
Can't wait to see them again soon - they are fun!