Monday, 21 February 2011

Wonderful weekend

Hi Everyone.  I have had such a busy weekend. My friends Katie and Sam came to visit with their friends James and Jack.

We played round the house, went for a walk in the park and I watched while they went on the swings and slides.  Then we stopped at the cafe for a drink and cake.  See below, Katie has just given me a nice biscuit to keep me going on the journey home.

 When we got back from the park we played in the garden with my toys.........

..and we had a lot of fun just being together!

To top it all we were filmed in the park by a cameraman from Sky News and appeared on the telly just after the 7pm news on the Saturday evening!

How is that for a weekend of activities!

Tell you what though...... I was soooo tired on Sunday afternoon, I slept for hours!