Monday, 31 January 2011

Ooooooh my cosy new bed!

After a shopping trip yesterday, mum and dad returned with a new bed for me to lie on in the hall.  As I am getting older I need more support for my old bones.  This bed has cushion support all round the outside and you can choose to have it open flat or clip the press studs together to make cushiony pillows against the wall.

I approve.  Zzzzzzz

Are we going to be friends?

Mum and Dad's friend gave a garden ornament dog as a present this Christmas. He has been put out in my garden without any consultation.  I am not really impressed.

I'd like to chat and get to know him a bit better but I haven't really had the opportunity, as whenever I approach him he looks rather busy and more than a little embarrassed!

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Goodbye to a friend we never met, yet we all loved.

Dear All, we are very sad to hear about Tess the Black Labrador from Scotland and send our love and sympathy to her 'mum and dad'.
We have never met in person, but have very much enjoyed following Tess and her family through her dog blog over the last ten years.
Rest In Peace dear Tess, with much love xx