Sunday, 16 January 2011

Goodbye to a friend we never met, yet we all loved.

Dear All, we are very sad to hear about Tess the Black Labrador from Scotland and send our love and sympathy to her 'mum and dad'.
We have never met in person, but have very much enjoyed following Tess and her family through her dog blog over the last ten years.
Rest In Peace dear Tess, with much love xx


sandrajs1974 said...

Well said.

Big hugs for Roddy.


BrittAnY said...

Very well said : (

chelsea said...

Nice post!
Continue to blog.

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Cheerioet said...

blog walking~

Colleen said...

Well said. Rest In peace to you Tess.

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superman said...

Wow! Those violet flowers looks so beautiful!

Nice post!

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Lucille29 said...

I hope your fine now..
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