Saturday, 19 June 2010

Poor old me!!

Hi everyone.  Before you jump to conclusions and think that I have turned into an 80's fashion victim with my ripped t-shirt look, let me fill you in on what has been happening this week.

The little lump on my front left leg, just below my 'elbow' if you like, has been growing and my vet said it was time to remove it before it got too big. Thursday morning we got up as normal, except I had NO breakfast and spent the day at the vets.  I had a big sleep and awoke to find someone had removed the lump and sewn my leg up!
I was destined to wear a lampshade for the next fortnight to stop me nibbling at my stitches, as they are a bit sore and irritating.  Then mum came up with the idea of a t-shirt to cover the stitches so I would leave them alone.
I am making the best of it and trying not to whinge too much, but it is rather undignified being walked around my own garden on the lead and wearing mum's cast-offs! and being instructed to 'do a wee' before being marched back in again!

In case you think I am making a fuss about nothing, take a look at this picture! I have eight stitches (currently!) and they are going to leave a scar.  I hope my fur will grow back to cover it or I will look like a right trouble maker when I finally get to walk off the lead again!