Saturday, 30 January 2010

The mystery of the pink ball..

What a surprise yesterday lunch time. I ran down the garden to check on my football, the squirrels and my other usual daily tasks when I stopped and stared!
A pink ball had appeared in the garden! I couldn't remember finding it in the woods and bringing it back and I don't think mum or dad had bought it for me, as they seemed surprised too!

Could Mr Fox have left it for me as an apology for all the other toys he has 'borrowed' over the years? Or could it be a present from our kind neighbours?
Whoever left it for me - thank you very much.
I'm not leaving it out though, just in case it mysteriously disappears again!

Saturday, 16 January 2010

End of the snow?

Hello everyone! At last the snow is thawing and my toes are less chilly!

I don't know why Mr Snowman is looking so sad? He does seem to be shrinking a bit and reluctant to chat about it.

I told him I am very happy because the thaw has revealed several tennis balls and a football I had forgotten about, great fun!

Monday, 11 January 2010

Crumbs!... Mr Snowman has grown!!

Hi Everyone,
We keep getting more snow and I keep meeting strange new snow-creatures whilst out on my walk. Some with hats and big noses. Some with big toothless smiles and staring eyes.
I pretend to be unfazed by it all, (I even have a little tinkle up some of them; hee, hee!).
But at night they seem to take on a more sinister air.
Dad reckons this one is simply directing traffic (I presume he means squirrels and birds, as it is in our garden), but I think he is up to no good.
I'm keeping my eye on him!
I haven't got around to tinkling on him yet, but I will. When he's not looking!!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Snowy days

Me and Mr Snowman do enjoy a little chat in the afternoon. We have made friends again now that my little misdemeanor (ahem) has been covered up - oops!

I really am a lucky dog. I live in the city, yet outside my back gate is a winter wonderland of snowy woods.

Monday, 4 January 2010

Back To Work

Last night mum and dad were getting back into their routine, ready for work.

I sat watching them make the beds and set their alarms. I know that this means we will be back into our normal routine, which is no bad thing - I need a rest!

Happy New Year BBQ breakfast

Hi everyone, hope you had a fantastic New Year, we did.

I had lots to eat, including 3 mince pies and 1 chocolate reindeer (had to gulp them quickly once seen, but tasty non the less).

With so many people in our house there was lots to see and do, fuss to have and food to try and eat. All in all, not a bad night.

The following day we had a breakfast BBQ - well, mum had the sausages and bacon cooked outside as there were so many to cook!

Then we went for a nice walk through the park down to the river and everyone got excited about a Kingfisher sitting on the bank side fishing.

I couldn't see what all the fuss was about, but enjoyed the cold sunny walk with all mum and dad's friends.

Happy New Year to all my readers xxx

I love Christmas!

OK, so I am filling you in after the event - I told you I have been busy!

I just wanted to say how much I have appreciated my pressies this year. I have had chewie shoes, new brush, lots of treats, 2 glowing lights for dark walks, tennis ball, rubber bone, raggie-pull toy and my favorite.... (though it has already gone in the bin), my squeaky snowman!!

Thanks again everyone.

Nov and Dec update

Hello everyone. I'm really sorry that I have been so lazy about keeping up with my blog. I haven't been lazy in 'real life' far from it....

After being the official mascot for my mum's half marathon in October, I had a week of pampering at my Dog Hotel whilst they sunned themselves abroad.

In mid November we visited Cornwall for a sad occasion of a funeral.

In December the whole family seemed to be rushing round buying things, cooking things and wrapping things up in pretty paper. (A major clue!!).

We have had lots of snow, though not as much as Tess in Scotland, and it has been freezing cold.

I hope to have a new friend called Amber, who lives with my mum's friend and came from the Brum Dogs home last month. I have also made friends with Doobie, a staffie / terrier cross who has moved from Cornwall and now lives with my best friend Callum (see previous blogs).

Christmas involved travelling up and down the Country to friends and family and I had a great time!! Hope you did too xx