Monday, 4 January 2010

Nov and Dec update

Hello everyone. I'm really sorry that I have been so lazy about keeping up with my blog. I haven't been lazy in 'real life' far from it....

After being the official mascot for my mum's half marathon in October, I had a week of pampering at my Dog Hotel whilst they sunned themselves abroad.

In mid November we visited Cornwall for a sad occasion of a funeral.

In December the whole family seemed to be rushing round buying things, cooking things and wrapping things up in pretty paper. (A major clue!!).

We have had lots of snow, though not as much as Tess in Scotland, and it has been freezing cold.

I hope to have a new friend called Amber, who lives with my mum's friend and came from the Brum Dogs home last month. I have also made friends with Doobie, a staffie / terrier cross who has moved from Cornwall and now lives with my best friend Callum (see previous blogs).

Christmas involved travelling up and down the Country to friends and family and I had a great time!! Hope you did too xx

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