Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Nearly holiday time!!!!!

The evenings are staying lighter longer and the mornings are arriving sooner. All signs that spring is on the way at last.
Another sign is mum and dad getting things ready for our first trip away of the year for the three of us.
It usually involves a long drive in the car, which I quite enjoy, watching the cars go by and the scenery change from city views to the countryside.
When we get there, all the new sniffs and walks and treats always make me so happy and excited!
I can hardly wait for the weekend to arrive and for us to be off on our way.

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sandrajs1974 said...

Hi Roddy & Family
I found your Blog on one of my regular visits to Tess's site.
I love to keep a eye on your adventures.
Have a great holiday.
Love and hugs