Thursday, 4 August 2011

A fruitful week

So far so good this week.  First I found a lovely mini football in the bushes on Monday morning.  Always a pleasure to find a ball of this size as it is so easy to carry home.
Then on Tuesday I found a tennis ball (yes, ANOTHER ONE!).  Then today, there it was waiting for me - a huge lovely football, with exactly the right amount of air gone out of it so I could squash it slightly and carry it home myself.
I am so pleased!
AND.... it's only Thursday!  I wonder what I might find tomorrow?


Smorg said...

Roddy loves balls! :oD He'd get on well with Coconut, the English bulldog puppy (9 mos) I've been sitting/training. Alas, he likes to play tug-of-war with the ball more than he likes to go fetch...

Hope your weekend has started well! :o)

sandrajs1974 said...

Hi Roddy and Family
Glad to see the ball collection is still growing. How many still have air in though! Looking fit and well Roddy, that coat has a nice shine.
Love and hugs

Kathryn Elliott said...

Aw..Roddy is a doll. Our Maggie has a ball collection as well. Love the Lab!

Chris.Love.Books said...

Your black lab is soo cute, I thought I loved animals but when I saw your blog was mostly about your pet I saw a real dedicated caregiver. Cute!

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Jammer said...

Lucky dog good thing he didnt find a basketball.

sazzrah said...

Your black lab is so cute.I wish I had one.The lab is so strong like tiger.