Monday, 20 June 2011


Hello all,
Thank you for all your kind words whilst I have been poorly. I am feeling much better now. My stitches will come out in another week.
Meanwhile, I have been helping mum and dad to get more cardboard into the compost to balance out all the grass.
This involves ripping up cardboard boxes into small pieces - hardly a chore for someone who likes to run round shredding things!!
I am glad to help.


From The Heart said...

Roddy i am so happy you are feeling better.Enjoy chewing the cardboard!

eden said...

j'ai moi aussi un labrador
je l'adore
passe une belle journée
et viens me dire un petit bonjour sur mon blog ,cela me ferra plaisir

sandrajs1974 said...

Hi Roddy and family.
Nice bit of box shredding there Roddy! Do you ever find that your people carelessly leave a biscuit in the bottom of the box? Good thing you are there to check.
Love and hugs

zal said...

Roddy, you look so precious, and loved. I haphazardly ran across your blog, and I must say that this is the first "dog blog" I've read. You're just a sweet potato!

Smorg said...

Hope Roddy is all well and having fun galloping around in fine weather now. :o) What a fine cardboard shredder he seems to make... hopefully he just chewed without swallowing, though. ;o)

marisa said...

awwww thats such a cute dog! enjoy chewing stuff! have a good time!