Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Me minus the lumps (well 2 of them anyway)....

Hi all,
It's worse than it looks (so they tell me).  A zip on the right hand side, one under my chin and two shaved front legs from injections and a drip during and after the operation.
I certainly look, and feel, like I've been in the wars.
Mum and dad stayed up with me last night and I think they might tonight too if I need them.

Anyway, no fear, mum to the rescue with another invalidity jacket home made especially to not rub my neck but cover my side zip so I cant scratch it easily.

I hope not to be wearing this for too long.  Don't worry, I have two of them so they can be swapped and washed daily if I dribble too much!
My ensemble is complete with a nice drawstring tie to keep my t-shirt from dangling in any awkward places!
Thanks mum!


From The Heart said...

Roddy, you sweet thing..I am praying you get well real soon!!! You are blessed to have such loving people in your life.

Anonymous said...

I love that I found Roddy on here. Praying for a quick recovery!

sandrajs1974 said...

Hi Roddy - Very impressed with the "zips"! It all looks really good though, no redness that I can see. Nice healthy dog like you will be back to normal in no time.
That face just says everything you think about your new wardrode.
Love and hugs

lyn said...

Hello Roddy, you have been in the wars, but I reckon you will be in fine fettle soon, your mum and dad are so caring, and the jacket doesnt look bad at all. Get better very soon, from Lyn, Dave and Maggie dog x

Elin said...

Oh Roddy, I am glad you recovering, and you are such a good dog wearing your "outfit." I made one like that for my Tess after an operation, drawstring and all, but she always wriggled out of it.
Thinking about you.