Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Sunny Poole in November

 Hi everyone, can you believe the weather! It was over 20°C at the seaside in Dorset last Saturday and Sunday (11th 12th Nov) and here are the pictures to prove it!

As you can see I had a lovely time.  We were visiting our very good friends Phil and Sue and even 'mum' rolled her trousers up and went in for a paddle!

We seem to be doing lots of fun things lately.  We had friends around for bonfire night (I have never had a problem with fireworks and enjoyed the party!); a weekend at the seaside last weekend and more friends are coming around this weekend.  I love to see everyone!

I feel great and I am enjoying fabulous food (chicken, rice and vegetables), including an extra meal each day.  I seem to be visiting the vets a bit more - which is fine as they are really nice there.  I get big hugs off everyone too.

Apparently I am working on a 'bucket list of 10 best thing to do and eat' and this Christmas I have been promised turkey!


From The Heart said...

Roddy, you look like you are having fun!And enjoy your thanksgiving turkey.

anafe said...

As I can see the picture .. its like a movie but a dog actor .. hehehe nice 1.

Monsoon Arts and Photography said...

I Love these photos of your dog in the sea. I can just see how happy it looks. This was my first Xmas ever without a dog as I had to put my Shepherd to sleep before Xmas & now it's really not the same. I love dogs, they are truly special.

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