Monday, 21 November 2011

The Breakfast Weekend

Hi everyone, I don't know where to start - what a great weekend we have just had.
Mum and dad's friends came round on Saturday evening and I got lots of fuss.  Then on Sunday morning they did the usual big breakfast with sausages and bacon cooked outside on the bbq - and this time I had some too!

 Here I am waiting to be told I can eat my sausage, bacon, egg and piece of toast with butter on (all nicely chopped for me).
 As you can see, I didn't take long about it!! The bacon went first - YUM!

After breakfast we decided to go out for a nice walk around Sarehole Mill, Chinbrook and Moseley Bog - all lovely places to potter round.  I had a paddle in the river Rea, chewed a few sticks and generally had a good time sniffing round.
 I did get a bit muddy and wet - great!

This was me trying to find something that had been thrown into the water and had sunk!

It has been another lovely weekend. Next week I am hoping to visit my friend Doobie in Croyden, so watch out for nice photos of us on our walks together.

I hope your weekend was good too xx.


Jody Wuvs You said...

AAAAwwww What a cute dog! Love the photos! :)

Michael Westside said...

watch the calories there so you don't get fat

mary_smith said...

Very cool blog! I just stumbled over while blog-hopping from my own site.

alessandroprimerano said...

buen :)

anafe said...

this dog is very adorable :)

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