Tuesday, 5 October 2010

I have been very poorly.......

Hi all, just back from a fantastic 10 days in Scotland, right up at Bonar Bridge and beyond..... more on that  in later blogs!
I have been a really poorly dog, (so mum and dad say). I even didn't eat any food for 4 days and actually refused my favorite treat of cheese spread inside my Kong. Looking back I find it hard to believe myself!
Mr Vet told us I had a very nasty bacterial infection; once he had ruled out what we first thought might be a blockage  of sticks, stones or bones from being the culprit.  Many antibiotic and steriod injections and tablets later, plus an x-ray (thank goodness for pet insurance), I am fixed.  Luckily I got better just in time to go on holiday.
Here is a pic of me looking out over the east coast way way up north, feeling much better.

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