Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Doggie friends and woodland walks

Sadly we didn't get around to taking any photos of my new friends Dux and Mia - 2 very handsome doberman dogs.
We went on several beach and woodland walks together.  Well, when I say 'together' I mean we were all out at the same time.  They are much younger than me and always raced off playing at 100mph together.
I was happy to potter behind with mum and dad!


Jayne said...

Sorry to see that you have been ill, four days without food is very worrying for a Lab. Glad you are better now.
What a lucky doggie you are to be travelling around so much with Mum and Dad.

fsfwrwrwrwrw said...


sandrajs1974 said...

Poor Roddy, your people must have been really worried about you, especially when you were off your food. I'm sure you will have made up for it since though.
Apart from that it looks like you had a perfect dog holiday.
Love and hugs

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