Friday, 23 December 2011

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all

Hi Everyone,
Not a snowy one this year by the looks of things, but at least it is a bit warmer to go out walking in.
On behalf of my mum and dad and me, we hope you have a fantastic Christmas and New Year.
I have been promised a turkey dinner and I can't wait!
Lots of Love, Roddy xxx


John Lynott said...

Best wishes to you and all your family Roddy. Now go easy with that turkey!!
xxx John, Carry and Abbey the lab in West Yorkshire.

From The Heart said...

Merry Christmas Roddy, to you and your family.

sandrajs1974 said...

Happy Christmas to Roddy and his family.
Hope Roddy enjoyed his turkey dinner and he did not bolt it too quickly, nothing worse than a burp from a Labrador!
Wishing you health and happiness for 2012.

anafe said...

belated merry Christmas

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myrtle said...

WoW! such a cute photo.=D
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