Sunday, 4 July 2010

Nearly back to normal

Hello Readers, just wanted to let you know how I am getting on following my lump removal operation.
Well, as you can see from the photos I have repaired well.  I had the stitches out 12 days after the operation and was allowed to discard the t-shirt, go back to off-lead walks and jump into the river again 2 days after that.

Can't say I miss the t-shirt, though it did get me lots of attention and extra fuss, but I really missed running around in my own garden.

Cats and squirrels beware - I AM BACK TO FULL FITNESS!!


sandrajs1974 said...

Hi Roddy and family. That leg has healed up beautifully! It must be a labrador thing, my handsome lab Toby used to have them too. You and Tess are going through the wars at the moment! I do enjoy looking at your adventures. I don't have a dog at the moment, so a virtual one is nice.
Love, hugs and full supper bowls

Anonymous said...

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