Saturday, 19 May 2012

Sitting on the landing.....

Hi there,
I do a lot of sitting and contemplating here, at the top of the stairs.  What to do next?  What to eat?  Where to snooze? 

I don't seem to be able to eat as well as I used to, so mum and dad have been trying adventurous new meals to excite me to eat!  Unfortunately, cook as they might - it's the simple foods that have been appealing the most: corned beef, sausage, heinz beany-sausages and beef and ham paste.
Yesterday the menu took a distinctly 'Friday night chip shop' turn, with jumbo sausage and fishcake - very nice.
Today I have eaten some tinned tuna (yummy!) and a little beany-sausage.
Its not that they don't feed me proper food - all the very best dog food, meat, vegetables and biscuit seem boring to me these days.  I really am becoming a fussy old man!
Still - life has never been so exciting when I approach the kitchen hungry.  At this stage, I now know that if I want to eat it and will eat it, I am allowed ANYTHING!


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